1960 - 1979 Photo Gallery

This gallery covers the period between Church Fenton's closure as a front line fighter base at the end of the 1950s, and its re-opening in 1979 as 7 Flying Training School.

These photos are all courtesy of and © Chris Chantrill. All from 1968.

Aerial view of RAF Church Fenton from a Chipmunk cockpit
Members of Leeds UAS outside the crew-room
Line up of Leeds UAS Chipmunks
Chris in front of a Chipmunk on the line
Chris sitting in the captain's seat of a Chipmunk
Chipmunk with its engine running on the line
Chipmunk taxies in from the runway
Chipmunk taking off
Chipmunk WG478 taking off
Chipmunk WK518, now with the Battle of Britain memorial flight
Chipmunk just becoming airborne
The world-famous Red Arrows
Red Arrows Gnats in the sun on the pan after their display
Patrouille de France, flying Fouga Magisters
Various views of Chipmunks landing
Chipmunk WK590 becoming airborne
Walk-round checks on Chipmunk WP915
Instructor and student walk back to the crew room after a sortie

These photos are thanks to Dennis Pasco; all were taken by the Station Photographer, and therefore are Crown Copyright.

Two photos of Church Fenton QFIs on the gate guard Spitfire, BM597. These were taken just before the disbandment of 7FTS in Novmber 1966.

Three photos from the Station Sports Day, summer 1966.

The first is the final of the 100 yards, with Pilot Officer Threadgould winning, and Dennis coming in second, far right.

The second photo is the final of the 220 yards, with the same result as for the 100 yards.

The last photo is the final of the 440 yards, with Dennis winning on the right.

Two photos taken at a Station Open Day, 31st May 1971, courtesy of Brian Lewis

A Meteor F8 cockpit looking in a sorry state on the fire dump
An unidentified Jet Provost which also looks to have seen better days

Two photos sent to me by Eddie Klaja, of time spent in various drinking establishments in the early 1970s!

Alex Heath, Eddie, Chuck McKinley and 'Big Phill' in the NAAFI
George Edwards, Eddie, Phill Sinnett, and ???????

Some photos from Keith Allsopp, stationed at Church Fenton in the early-mid 70s.

A Bulldog of Yorkshire UAS, which force-landed near Ulleskelf/Towton, at about 4pm on 18th September 1974. The aircraft was de-winged, and towed back to Church Fenton, where it was repaired in 3 Hangar and soon back out on the line.
Wing being loaded on the back of an RAF wagon
RAF Landrover towing the Bulldog down the slope of the railway bridge in Ulleskelf, with the Ulleskelf Arms in the background
Manoeuvring the Bulldog through one of the Church Fenton crash gates.
SAC Tommy Wright, and SAC Keith Allsopp in front of the Church Fenton gate guard Meteor NF14 WS739, mid-1973.
Chief Tech Ted Kelly, SAC Paul Scott, and SAC Keith Allsopp, at RAF Rufforth in 1973, to act as ground-crew for the visit of Prince Richard, who was on his way to York Races.

This photo sent to me by Alastair King

The Red Arrows fly over the airfield at an open day, circa 1969 / 1970. Photo taken by SAC Ray Johnston.

These photos were sent to me by Richard Hayes, who visited CF regularly as an air cadet in the 1960s, and then was posted to CF during his time in the RAF. Descriptions are by Richard himself.

28 Oct 1961. A Heron of The Queen’s Flight paid a visit and flew in HM The Queen Mother for a visit to Catterick. 3 Hangar in the background.
You had to be lucky to get a ride in one of these. Piston Provost. Hangar in background is now demolished.
22 Oct 1960 Outside the Air Experience flight hut. Control tower out of shot far right.
22 Oct 1960 One of my mates Cadet Michael Beavis
22 Oct 1960 Self with Anson VV570
22 Oct 1960 Avro Anson VV570 with Cpls Baxter and Green. The buildings in the background backed on to the test firing range and the path in front leads to the control tower.
 21 Feb 1960. Messerschmitt Bf110 G-4 R4 with self
21 Feb 1960. Messerschmitt Bf110 G-4 R4 with Cadet Ray Newall
21 Feb 1960. Messerschmitt Bf110 G-4 R4
21 Feb 1960 Chipmunk WG468. I thought this was my first ever flight but my log book shows it was in fact WP860
September 1956. Self in Meteor at Battle of Britain At Home Day. The hangar in the background has since been demolished.

These photos are from (and ©) David Herriot, who was on no 251 course at the Aircrew Officer Training School, which was a resident unit at Church Fenton from January 1968 to August 1969. David retired as a Wg Cdr following a career on Buccaneers and Tornados.

 Gp Capt D A Maddox, Senior Air Staff Officer of 22 Group, reviews the graduation parade of no. 251 course, AOTS on 4th July 1969. David is at the right-hand side of the first picture.
 Parade march past of the Reviewing Officer 
 Graduation flypast, by Chipmunks of PFS 
 The Aircrew Officer Training School crest 

Chris England took these photos during a 2297 Sqn Air Training Corps summer camp visit to Church Fenton, August 1965. © Chris England

Spitfire LFVb BM597/PR-O - the Church Fenton gate guardian, now flying again
Chipmunk T10 WK590
Jet Provost T4 XP684