No.7 Flying Training School

Based at Church Fenton for two periods, 7FTS was the last unit to be at Church Fenton when it was still a living RAF station. Upon the station's "closure" in 1992, 7FTS also disappeared. 7FTS, whilst at Church Fenton, operated the BAC/Hunting Jet Provost T3A/T5A and the Shorts Tucano T1.

These photos are all courtesy of the RAF Church Fenton station photographer Oct 1986 - Mar 1988 Ralph Bayley. Ralph Bayley

Bird control.JPG (57167 bytes) The resident bird-scarer!!
Flight line Harrier GR3.JPG (60048 bytes) Harrier GR3 on the flightline in front of no. 2 Hangar
Flight line Tornado 1.JPG (34028 bytes) A Tornado F3 standing on the flightline in front of no. 3 Hangar
Flight line Tornado 2.JPG (36617 bytes)

Taceval.JPG (77923 bytes)

The RAF fire service practicing their stuff! The building in the background looks to be the guardhouse, and I assume that the building in the foreground is the headquarters building (now the home of YUAS).

The following photos are from Rob's Photo Gallery, and are all courtesy of John Smith.

jas1444.jpg (80026 bytes) Jet Provost T3 'XM366' of 7FTS at Church Fenton, 25/4/80. This aircraft was delivered to the RAF in August 1959, and was written off on 22nd October 1981.
jas1445.jpg (75693 bytes) Jet Provost T3 'XM352' of 7FTS at Church Fenton, 25/4/80. This aircraft was delivered to the RAF in February 1959, and was sold in July 1994. It is now active in the USA as N35378.
jas3103.jpg (69872 bytes) Tucano T1 'ZF207' of 7FTS at Church Fenton, 12/3/90
jas3104.jpg (71711 bytes) Jet Provost T3 'XN595' of 7FTS at Church Fenton, 12/3/90. This aircraft was sold to the USA in 1995, and is now known as N4436P.

The photos below are thanks to Chris Chambers. Visit his website at

Jet Provost Taxi..jpg (40470 bytes) Jet Provost T5A XW328 taxiing one morning in the 80s. It looks to have just landed on runway 16/34. This aircraft is now at the School Of Technical Training at RAF Cosford, with the serial 9177M.
you barstewards!! The rather sorry remains of a Jet Provost after the resident RAF Fire Service got their hands on it.
Tucano.jpg (104693 bytes) A close-up of Tucano ZF145 forming part of the line during a 'normal' training day.
jetprovost_head_on.jpg (5318 bytes) A Jet Provost taking off from CF.
jetprovtaxifent.jpg (16111 bytes) Jet Provost T5A XW328 taxiing back to the line after a flight.

These photos are all thanks to Ian Scales.

tornado1.jpg (17063 bytes) Visiting Tornado GR1.
tornado2.jpg (16709 bytes)
tornado3.jpg (14687 bytes)
pic2.jpg (13431 bytes) Hunter in front of 3 hangar, in the background can be seen a bowser and the 7 Ton Coles crane outside the tanker pool.
Refuel1.jpg (17146 bytes) Harrier in the process of being re-fuelled
Refuel2.jpg (14835 bytes)
snow and ice.jpg (17545 bytes) Outside tanker pool. With ploughs attached to the front of bowsers in the background
snow and ice2.jpg (13918 bytes) T54, a type of combine harvester for snow
buc.jpg (12889 bytes) Unidentified Buccanneer.
buc2.jpg (13940 bytes)