No.7 Flying Training School

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These photos once again thanks to Mick Law, they are of the display that was put on when the station was closed down, at the end of March 1992.

Hawk, likely to be from Finningley.
Harrier 2 seat trainer, probably at T4.
Tornado flypast, the two aircraft furthest away from the camera look to still be in Gulf War markings.
Harrier GR5
Flypast of DH Chipmunks, probably from 9AEF based at Finningley.
Solo Hawk.
Flypast of 2 JP T5a and 2 Tucano T1.
The Red Arrows
Formation of 4 Tucanos, likely to be from Church Fenton, as 1FTS at Linton-on-Ouse was only just re-equipping with the type.

These photos are from Gordon Brooke, who worked at Church Fenton from 1990 - 1993 and 1996 - 1997, as a maintenance electrician.

Two unusual views of the station in the early nineties. Tucanos dominate the pan, with a couple of Jet Provost 5s still being used.

The first photo is taken from the top of 1 hangar, the second from the top of 3 hangar.

Gordon outside the maintenance workshop.
The Church Fenton maintenance team in the early nineties (from left to right):

Gordon Brooke (Electrician), Malcolm Milner (Foreman Electrician), Philip Atkinson (Apprentice Electrician), Lesslie Plimmer (Plumber and Heating Engineer), Kevin ? (Handyman), Gary Munday (Electrician)

JP5s on the line, towards the end of their long service life in the RAF.
This shot shows the Jet Provost's replacement, the Tucano. Note the open canopies indicating a hot day!

This photo from Paul Nann's website - Paul Nann. E-mail him :

Tucano T1 ZF145 of 7FTS at the Farnborough Air Display, 8th September 1990. Judging by the special paint scheme, this aircraft was 7FTS's display aircraft. Note the Toucan design on the rudder. During a visit to the station around this time, I remember the pilots were very proud of their new aircraft, and the fact that Church Fenton was the first station to operate the Tucano. Hence there were lots of Toucan logos all over the place!