No.7 Flying Training School

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These photos appear courtesy of Fergal Goodman, and some were "discovered" on All taken 10th August 1984.

T3, code number '99'.
T5, code number '124'.
T3 XM419, code number '102'.
T3 XN473, code number '98'.
T3 XN595, code number '82'. This aircraft was featured by Squadron Prints.
T5 XW407, code number '122'.
A stream of JPs taxies out in the morning sunshine to the threshold of runway 34, showing the level of activity in the early 80s.
XM374 starts its take-off run.
XN473 on final approach.
XN552 on final approach.
XW360 taxies past the viewing area on its way to runway 34.

This photo Gareth Horne, and was "discovered" on

Tucano ZF145, seen at the RAF Finningley air display, 15th September 1990. This was the 7FTS display aircraft, as can be seen by the blue fuselage stripe, "7FTS" markings above the exhausts, the display pilot's name near the cockpit, and the large Toucan logo on the tail. This aircraft is now part of the 1FTS fleet based at RAF Linton-on-Ouse, and is now in the standard gloss black training scheme common to almost all Tucanos these days.

Geoffrey James

Taken in 1962, the results of an unfortunate collision between two Jet Provosts of No. 7 Flying Training School.

© Andy Paul

Graduation photo taken on the steps of the Officers' Mess at CF. The graduation was for No. 26Cse, 20th March 1987.

© Tim Simpson

Graduation photograph from the graduation of number 22 course of 7 FTS, taken on the steps of the Officers' Mess at Church Fenton, 19th April 1986.
Buccaneer over the CF 'line', doing what a Buccaneer does best - low and fast!
Line up of Jet Provosts on the pan at a grey and rainy Church Fenton, mid-80s
Line up of JP3s and JP5s on a sunny day at CF
Jet Provosts sit in the sun, with gloomy skies behind
Hawk XX338 from 4FTS at RAF Valley sits outside 1 Hangar at Church Fenton.
Line up of JPs at CF's relief landing ground, RAF Elvington
XN470 / 84 taxies out at Elvington
JP5 XW316 / 135 in formation over Yorkshire
JP5 XW360 / 129 above the clouds...
XW409 / 123 on the line at CF
The Officer's Mess at Church Fenton, now sadly bulldozed
Gate guard Spitfire BM597 at Church Fenton. This aircraft is now displayed on the airshow circuit and is based at Duxford, Cambridgeshire
Various views of JP3s and JP5s on the line at Church Fenton

Some cracking photos from Terry Welsh, the ex-Church Fenton station photographer:

Chipmunk over Selby
JP5 over snow covered Moors
Great shot of a JP3 banking away from the camera ship
4-ship of Church Fenton JPs over RoF Barnbow, near Cross Gates, Leeds.
JP3 XM376 nears the top of a loop
JP5 over Brimham Rocks, North Yorkshire

This photo sent to me by and is Tim Smith

2 Cse ("Too Coarse"), 7FTS, Summer 1980. Names are:

Back Row L to R:

John Rowles, Jerry Stubbs, Nick Sharpe, Dave Crump, Pat Salter, Tim Smith, Phil Boothby, Colin Ayton, Alex Whittingham, Steve Foote, Mark Tutton, Amjad Farooq, Neil Dawson 

Front Row L to R:

John Jones, Digger Moule, Simon Thompson, Ian Fleming, Paddy Cooney, Adrian Swanson, Andy Kime


These three photos were sent to me by Philip Hanson, who was at CF 1986 - 1988.


These photos were sent to me by Mark Tank, whose father "Terry" Tank was stationed at Church Fenton 1982 - 1986.

Dated 15th June 1985 - Publicity Photo of Air Officer Commanding HQ RAF Support Command awarding RAF Sergeant E H Tank a Commendation for Meritorious Service. Group Captain Sturt (LEFT) is presenting to Terry (RIGHT)
Telecommunications Squadron Group Photo, along with names of those in the photo.

Kindly sent to me by Mike Roads.

Engineering Support Flight (seat bay, station workshops and safety equipment) at the time the station was re-opened in 1979.

Front Row (Right to Left as viewed) :

1. Unknown
2. Unknown
3. Mike Roads
4. Don O'Leary
5. Wing Commander Perry (O.C. Eng wg.)
6. Flt Lt. (Later Gp. Capt.) Mark Stevens.
7. Al Hawker
8. Dave Hull
9. Vince Bradshaw
10. Unknown

Back Row (Right to Left as viewed) :

1. Unknown
2. Unknown
3. Unknown
4. Ian Todd (Wee Toddy)
5. Wally Havler
6. John Hughes
7. Unknown
8. Unknown
9. Unknown
10. Unknown
11. Unknown
12. Unknown