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The popular annual air display at Church Fenton ended with the last display in July 1994. In this and galleries 2 - 13 are many photos of the display and its' participants.

The photos below are all from the SSAFA air display held at Church Fenton, 8th June 1980. D & A Herbert

Hercules taxiing past the crowd

A Hercules taxiing past the crowd line.
Hunter takes off (no doubt very noisily!!) RN Hunter taking off. Number 1 hangar in the background
Hunter taxiing past no. 1 hangar Another Hunter, taxiing past number 3 hangar. Jet Provost (probably T5A) stood on the line in the background
Similar scene to 40 years previously... A Spitfire taxiing past number 2 hangar. In the markings of 19 Sqn, which was based at Church Fenton for part of the war.
Jaguar takes off and begins to climb A Jaguar taking off and climbing with number 1 hangar in the background.
bloody 'ell! A very unusual sight at Church Fenton. A British Airways Jumbo coming in to (almost!) land. The aircraft was an unplanned visitor that year, and never actually touched the runway. In the background is number 3 hangar, an RAF hospitality tent and the control tower.
What a sight!! A Lancaster at CF!! The Lancaster of the BBMF taxiing down the main runway, past 1 hangar.
A Nimrod following its' well practiced display routine Nimrod XV250 passing the crowd during part of its' display routine.
Low pass... The Nimrod coming in for another pass...
A Hawk of the Red Arrows takes off A lone Hawk from The Red Arrows does a low pass just over the runway. Hercules in the background.
A Red Arrows Hawk taxis along the main runway Another Red Arrows hawk taxiing to the end of the runway.

These pictures are all from Dave Butler, whose website "Rotate" is listed in the links page, or can be visited by clicking HERE. Dave Butler

nimfen.jpg (35945 bytes)

A Nimrod taxiing near the control tower. A Harrier can be seen in the background. We think this pic was taken at the last ever air show, in 1994.

taxy2.jpg (32599 bytes)

A picture taken from the cockpit of a P51-D Mustang, just as it was about to perform a flying display at the airshow. For more photos taken from inside the Mustang, see Dave's website, "Rotate". This pic is early 90s.

tucanoform.jpg (24686 bytes)

A "75" formation by Tucanos of 1FTS from RAF Linton-On-Ouse. It was taken at the last ever Church Fenton airshow in 1994.

These photos Ian Herbert.

a10s.jpg (33818 bytes) A real child's eye view of the airshow - a photo of two USAF A-10s taken by me age 5!!
bucc1.jpg (44636 bytes) A view that will be familiar to many Church Fenton residents! Who needs to pay to get in when you can just cycle right up to the threshold of runway 06/24?! Buccanneer taxiing in the background. 1992 Airshow
vulcan2.jpg (49318 bytes) XH558 taxiing towards the crowd after landing. 1992 Airshow
vulcan1.jpg (28618 bytes) XH558 blazes its' characteristically smoky trail into the perfect afternoon sky..... 1992 Airshow
reds.JPG (21590 bytes) The Red Arrows taxiing to the line after performing their routine. Sometime in the 70s (they were still using Folland Gnats). Sorry for the bad image quality.
tornado_taxy.jpg (27752 bytes) A Tornado (I think of the TWCU) taxiing past the crowd line at the 1986 show.

These 3 photos of aircraft performing at the SSAFA show are from Paul Nann's website - All Paul Nann. E-mail him :

pn_w1185.jpg (35513 bytes) Westland Scout AH.1, XW612 "Y", Army Air Corps
pn_w1184.jpg (36245 bytes) Westland Wessex HC.2, Royal Navy, unknown Squadron and serial...
pn_w1232.jpg (41793 bytes) BAe Sea Harrier FRS.1, ZD581/721, 899 Sqn. Royal Navy, 8 June 1986