Air Displays

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More photos from the 1992 display via Mick Law.

HS Nimrod MR2 displaying.
Tornado F3.
Visiting aircraft from the nearby Sherburn Aero Club.
Hercules, in special 25th anniversary markings.
XH558 sits on the line in front of the control tower.
Fantastic shot of XH558 and two Nimrods.

These photos are Malcolm Clarke, and were "discovered" on

Ajep Wittman W8 Tailwind G-BDJC.
Wessex C2 XR517 from 60 Squadron, RAF Benson.
Tucano T1 ZF514 from 1FTS, Linton on Ouse. It is in special display markings to celebrate the 75th anniversary of 1FTS.
Jetstream T1 XX482 from 6FTS / 45(R) Squadron, RAF Finningley.
DHC Chipmunk G-BNZC.
Tornado F3 ZE831 from 43 Squadron, RAF Leuchars.
Hawk T1A XX190 from 4FTS / 74(R) Squadron, RAF Valley.
Hawk T1 XX169 from 6FTS / 45(R) Squadron, RAF Finningley.
Dominie T1 XS737.
Enstrom F-28A G-BPOZ.
DHC Chipmunk G-BCIH.
DHC Chipmunk G-BBRV.
DHC Chipmunk G-BNZC.
Bell 206B Jet Ranger G-RAMI.
Harrier GR7 ZG862 from 4 Squadron, Laarbruch.
Shaw Europa G-YURO.
Renegade Spirit G-MWOO.
Nimrod MR2 XV260 from 120 Squadron, Kinloss.