Air Displays

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Some photos from displays in the 1980s taken by Dave Goddard.

A Gazelle sat on the line in front of the control tower. 10th June 1984
Sea King and Lynx in front of the control tower. 9th June 1985.
Jaguar, with German Alpha Jet in the background. 6th June 1986
Same Jaguar, with a Jetstream sat in the background. 6th June 1986
HS Buccaneer. Taken on the Friday night before the 1989 display.
Hunter T7, 10th June 1984.
A P3 Orion frames an F4 Phantom and a Saab Draken.

Some photos from air displays in the 1980s, E. & J. Whitaker. Taken from a rooftop in Church Fenton village, these shots prove that you didn't need to pay to get in when you lived right under the flightpath of the airfield!

Red Arrows in V formation.
Red Arrows again.
Vulcan running in for its display.

Some photos taken at Air Displays in the 1980s, Mike Lawson.

Norwegian Air Force F16
Prince Michael of Kent having recently arrived in the Lynx. 1984.
Firecracker, which lost out to the Tucano in the competition for the RAF's basic trainer. 1984.
JP T5 from 1FTS at nearby Linton on Ouse. 1985.
US Navy P3. 1984.
Rolls-Royce Spitfire RM689, 1984
Hawk XX236 from 4FTS at Valley. 1985.
Gazelle in front of the P3, 1984.
Sea Fury. 1984.
Bulldog from Yorkshire UAS, then based at RAF Finningley. 1985.
Draken? 1989.
JP T5 from 7FTS, Church Fenton. 1983.
A10. 1984.
Jaguar sponsored DH Tiger Moth. 1984.
British Airways BAC 1-11. 1985.
Blackburn Buccaneer. 1989.
Hawker Hunter. 1983.
Draken? 1984.
Piston Provost. 1984.
Nimrod. 1985.
Hawk XX158 from the TWU at RAF Brawdy. 1983.
Jaguar. 1984.
Phantom XV591 from 111 Squadron at RAF Leuchars. 1984.
Canadian Dash 7. 1985.
Wessex. 1983.
Dominie. 1984.
Hercules. 1984.
Catalina. 1985
F111. 1983.
JP T3 from 7FTS, Church Fenton. 1984.
The Vintage Pair. 1985.
Jordanian A5? 1983.