Air Displays

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Some photos of the displays from the 1980s Nigel Watson

Marlboro Pitts Specials. 1983
Royal Jordanian Falcons. 1983
Embraer trio of Bandeirante, Xingu & Tucano, enroute home from the Paris airshow. 1983
Search-and-Rescue Wessex. 1983
PaceSpirit, flown by Richard Goode. 1983
Jordanian F-5E Tiger II. 1983
RN Wessex. 1985
RCAF Dash-7. 1985
USAF A-10. 1985
Belgian F-16. 1985
Danish Saab Draken. 1985
Jet Provost T3. 1985
French Air Force Alpha Jet. 1985
West German AF C-160 Transall starts up outside 3 Hangar. 1986
Danish F16 taxying out. 1986
Belgian F16 getting airborne. 1986
Harrier GR3 doing a lively takeoff. 1986
The Sharks Gazelle display team. 1986
Marlboro Pitts Specials. 1986
Army Lynx. 1986
Royal Squadron Gazelle. 1986
Bulldog (of Yorkshire UAS?) being looked at by a number of groundcrew in their VIP "ice cream man" overalls - always a favourite. 1986
Two shots of the Blenheim during its short air display career before crashing. 1987
Tornado GR1 of the TWCU. 1987
VC10 doing a lively turn. 1987
Harrier GR3 drying the runway. 1987
West German AF Alpha Jet. 1987
Danish F16 in the rain. 1987
RAF Church Fenton Jet Provost formation flypast - 8x T3 and 4x T5. 1989
Four Jet Provost T5s doing a formation run-and-break. 1989
208Sqn Buccaneer. 1989
The shape of things to come - Shorts Tucano makes an early visit to CF. 1989
Canadian F18 pulls high-g out of a loop. 1989
Belgian AF Magister. 1989
Canadian CT-133. 1989
F16. 1989
Danish F16. 1989
The Pussers Pair. 1988
The Skyhawks. 1988
Fantastic Sea Harrier FRS1 in the hover. 1988
Red Arrows - who else?. 1988
Canadian F18. 1988
Belgian Magister in front of a Dutch P-3. 1988