Air Displays

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The following photos are all Keith Ellis, thanks very much for letting me borrow these photos.

blenheim-1987-display.jpg (53984 bytes) Two photos of the British Aerial Museum's Blenheim at the 1987 SSAFA air display.
blenheim-1987-display-2.jpg (64183 bytes)
mossie-1985-display.jpg (58766 bytes) British Aerospace's Mosquito taking off at the 1985 SSAFA air display.

The photos below are thanks to Chris Chambers. Visit his website at

12 JP Flypast 7.jpg (12741 bytes) A RAF Church Fenton station flypast of 12 Jet Provosts. The aircraft in the rear group are Mk5s, without wing-tip "tanks". This flypast was in 1989.
A10 15.jpg (54674 bytes) A USAF A-10 "Warthog" looking slightly lonely in the middle of the airfield!!
Bel.Alpha Jet Static.jpg (17481 bytes) A Belgian Air Force Alpha Jet in the static park.
Buccaneer 14.jpg (47071 bytes) A proper Yorkshire aircraft - the Blackburn Buccaneer!!!
Canadian CF33 Static.jpg (44841 bytes) CT-133
Canadian Hornet. Static..jpg (42765 bytes) A RCAF F-15 in the static park
Canberra.jpg (58577 bytes) English Electric Canberra
CF18 4.jpg (7847 bytes) An F-18 stood on the runway as part of the static display.
CF33 Close Up.jpg (39984 bytes) Close up of CT-133
f16 16.jpg (49242 bytes) F-16
F-16 Nor 9.jpg (29416 bytes) F-16
Gulf Jag static.jpg (37669 bytes) A Jaguar in Gulf war desert colours.
Gulf Puma Static.jpg (40845 bytes) A Puma, also in Gulf war desert colours.
Harrier GR3  5.jpg (32781 bytes) Harrier GR3.
Harrier t4  12.jpg (39424 bytes) Harrier T4
Jaguar GR1  3.jpg (9204 bytes) A Jaguar GR1 in standard RAF ground attack camouflage colours.
Nimrod Nose.jpg (40181 bytes) A Nimrod forming the centre-piece of the static display. Harriers, Jet Provosts, Tucanos and Bulldogs can be seen in the background.
P3 Orion   6.jpg (33582 bytes) A Lockheed P-3 Orion, part of the static display. A Canberra is in the background.
Provost 11.jpg (43997 bytes) A Piston Provost taking off for its' display. In the background can be seen number 3 hangar.
Sea Harrier FRS2.jpg (26545 bytes) Sea Harriers
Static Park 8.jpg (24388 bytes) A view of the static park, with F-18, Chinook and Nimrod.
T-133 and CF18 1.jpg (20187 bytes) A CT-133 and an F-18
Tornado 10.jpg (51795 bytes) A Tornado GR1
Tornado GR1 Static.jpg (37911 bytes) Another Tornado GR1

These photos are Bill Cundall, inmate of the Royal Yorkshire Flying Club for a (record?) 7 years 9 months! Photo descriptions in Bill's own words.

a10.jpg (26670 bytes) A10 Warthog from Bentwaters seen 1983. There was 4 of them they arrived about 3 days early so they flew practice displays every Day. Finally they were "asked" to leave by the Station Commander after complaints about them buzzing the Fenton Flyer Car park. ( I think the C.O. was jealous,  that@s where all the spectators were.)
c141starlifter.jpg (29364 bytes) USAF C141 Starlifter at Air show 1982, the year not many of the scheduled aircraft turned up for one reason or another. The organisers had to beg a British Airways Jumbo to do a low fly past. (passengers must have been confused)
f5.jpg (26713 bytes) A Jordanian F5e arriving at Church Fenton ahead of the support team.
jordainanherc.jpg (30706 bytes) Royal Jordanian Air Force support team arrive at Church Fenton for a two week visit. They spent all of their spare time down in the Flyer drinking milk! They loved to trade with the lads on camp, cap badges, cap, shoes and all manner of things. I will always remember their impeccable manners, hospitality and very well spoken English. Genuine offers to people to visit them in Jordan were common.
tigershark.jpg (33882 bytes) F5e taxiing in after a very polished display. It would be nice to see the team again in the UK.
jagcrane.jpg (34683 bytes) Good old Airfix! Assembling a Jaguar prior to display, the Jag arrived by road. (Without tax and Mot) Crane skills were supplied courtesy of Mr Pat Yates of Airfield MT.
vc10.jpg (25431 bytes) A real aeroplane approaching over the village for a landing at Church Fenton. The Paraffin Budgies stand in awe at the magnificent VC10. (Always gave me a feeling of an impending holiday)