Air Displays

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The following pictures are courtesy of the Fenton Flyer in Church Fenton.

BBMF-Lancaster-and-Spitfire.jpg (25219 bytes) Lancaster PA474 and an unidentified Spitfire of the BBMF taxiing at Church Fenton during the last airshow in 1994. Original photo Dave Butler
Vulcan92.jpg (21055 bytes) Vulcan XH558 landing at the 1992 airshow. The braking parachute can be seen trailing behind the aircraft. When the aircraft touched the down at Church Fenton in 1992, the runway gave way slightly, and the aircrew had to struggle to keep control. Original photo Dave Butler

Below are a selection of photos and programme extracts from the 1972 Church Fenton SSAFA airshow. All are copyright Roger Carvell.

CFBritanniaC2jpeg.jpg (28712 bytes) Britannia XN404 "Canopus". This aircraft came in so low over the boundary fence that the hydraulics of the undercarriage system could be heard operating!
CFDominejpeg.jpg (24343 bytes) Dominie XS713 from RAF Finningley.
CFGroundplanjpeg.jpg (32322 bytes) A map of the airshow...
CFHunterjpeg.jpg (24056 bytes) Hunter XG574 from 4FTS.
CFMeteorGateGuardjpeg.jpg (54649 bytes) The Church Fenton gate guardian Meteor NF14
Church-Fenton-Guardroom-jpe.jpg (24125 bytes) A photo of the main entrance to the base, with a Mk1 Cortina and Bedford crew bus standing outside the guardroom.
Dangernoticejpeg.jpg (12488 bytes) A danger notice from the flying programme.
FlyingFarmerjpeg.jpg (20322 bytes) A small article telling of the death of Neville Browning. He was seemingly a regular act at the air displays during the 60s and early 70s. His aircraft, a Trener Master "G-ASIM" (the same aircraft he was eventually killed in) can be seen here at the 1964 Church Fenton air display. Thanks to Brian Davidson for this photo and the information on him.
SSAFA1972progjpeg.jpg (37335 bytes) The whole flying programme from the 1972 display. Some mouth-watering stuff in there!
SSAFAmagcoverjpeg.jpg (15299 bytes) The cover from the 1972 programme. As you may be able to see, the show was sponsored by the Evening Post (as it was right up until 1994!), and it only set you back 15p.

The following photos are Dave Butler. All are from airshows in the early 90s.

10.jpg (23947 bytes) OFMC's Corsair
12.jpg (27456 bytes) Blackburn Bucanneer
2.jpg (38260 bytes)42.jpg (18667 bytes) 2 views of the static park.
25.jpg (24681 bytes) BBMF Spitfire
27.jpg (20154 bytes)64.jpg (13980 bytes) John Bradshaw's Kemble based Hawker Sea Fury
3.jpg (49698 bytes) Tornado F3
30.jpg (22634 bytes)59.jpg (22510 bytes) DH Tiger Moth
34.jpg (16156 bytes) Hercules
35.jpg (17358 bytes) Jaguar GR1
39.jpg (27239 bytes) 1FTS Jet Provost
43.jpg (18594 bytes) Harrier GR5
44.jpg (20278 bytes)47.jpg (5762 bytes) Belgian Air Force F-16
48.jpg (14028 bytes) BBMF Lancaster
5.jpg (26845 bytes) 1FTS Tucano
56.jpg (21237 bytes) Static park, with Jet Provosts, Sea Harrier, Hercules, Jetstream, Dominie.
57.jpg (19825 bytes) Hercules, from the "live" side of the airfield
58.jpg (28850 bytes) A pair of DHC Chipmunks accompanied by a Nimrod
6.jpg (14367 bytes) Vulcan B2 XH558 puts out the 'chute at the 92 show.
61.jpg (6523 bytes) Sea Harrier
65.jpg (34025 bytes) 16 Jet Provosts, 4 Tucanos. Wow!
7.jpg (22916 bytes) Hawk and Tornado