Air Displays

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These photos are all thanks to Ian Scales.

c1301.jpg (17525 bytes) Jordanian C130 Hercules (support aircraft for the aerobatic team).
c1302.jpg (18191 bytes)
c1303.jpg (24800 bytes)
c1304.jpg (15796 bytes) RAF C130 Hercules taxying at the 1983 airshow, seen from the dependents viewing area.
c1305.jpg (12090 bytes)
cf77.jpg (14804 bytes) A view across the pan at the 1977 airshow. The aircraft in the foreground look to be the RAF vintage pair (Meteor / Vampire) and there looks to be a C130 behind.
falcons.jpg (16885 bytes) Falcons' parachute drop aircraft parked outside 2 Hangar (which even at that time was a gym, and not used for aircraft).
jag.jpg (13690 bytes) Ian's son in front of an RAF Jaguar on the Saturday before an airshow.
jordan.jpg (13371 bytes) Jordanian bi-plane parked up before an airshow.
mem.jpg (10132 bytes) BBMF pass over a stationary Harrier.
pic1.jpg (19704 bytes) Unidentified F-16

Below are some photos of Church Fenton air shows in the early 90s. All thanks to Simon at and .

Harrier taxiing past 3 hangar.
RAF Hercules about to touch down.
Tornado takes off in style down Rwy 06.
Shackleton gives a low pass.
Vulcan taking off.
Vulcan at the end of its' landing run
USAF A-10 stands in front of a Canadian Dash-7 as part of the static park.

Some more photos from Church Fenton air shows in the early 90s, this time from John Luke and

Sea King SAR2 XZ589.
An AAC Scout in close proximity to an RAF Herc'.
Vulcan XH558 blasts its way down the runway
Buccaneer low over the runway with its landing gear up already
The AAC display team, the "Blue Eagles", which consists of a single Lynx and four Gazelles.
F4U Corsair landing.
Hawker Sea Fury about to touch down on runway 06.
Harrier GR7 from Germany just having taken off.
Three Hawks in varying colour schemes making up part of the static park.
Slingsby Firefly T67M displaying. Little did we know that 4 or 5 years later these aircraft would be based at CF!
Wessex from 2FTS displaying.
Westland Bell model 47G - 4A (generic Bell 47). Reg G - AXKW. It was owned at the time by Eyre Speir Associates of Mill Hill Farm in Richmond North Yorkshire. Built in 1969 and sold to an overseas buyer in 2002. Information thanks to Dave Malcolm / G-INFO database.
YAK52 of Titan Airways just having cleared the runway threshold and about to touch down.