Air Displays

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More photos from John Luke and

Hawks from 4FTS at RAF Valley Bask in the sun outside 3 hangar.
One of the Hawks taking off for its solo display.
Hawk taxiing beneath a RN Seaking.
Two Finningley based JPs at Church Fenton.
A Belgian F-16 pilot giving visitors a guided tour of his office.
Two Belgian F-16s on the line.
Two Buccaneers stand on the pan while a Gazelle flies overhead.
Private DHC Chipmunk in the colours of the RCAF.
No display would be complete without the crowds!
A Grumman F7-F Tigercat at the 1992 show.
A RN Seaking delivers the postman to the airshow!
A pilot from 2FTS at RAF Shawbury readies his Gazelle HT3 for static display.
Privately owned Folland Gnat stands in front of 1 hangar.
A Harvard from the Radial Pair landing.
Wessex with tail folded below a private helicopter.
RAF C130 Hercules about to touch down.
JP Mk3a from 1FTS at nearby Linton-on-Ouse. This was the last appearance of the type at Church Fenton.
As the JPs neared the end the RAF put on this mass flyby of the type with Tucanos bringing up the rear.
A couple of Lynx helicopters.
ME108 stands in front of two Tornados.
During WW2 this lady was known as "Miss Spitfire", as she managed to raise 8700 to be put towards the war effort.
Someone with the unlucky job of cleaning a Puma in readiness for the show.
Shackleton MR2 from Kinloss displays during one of its final years of service.
People collecting on behalf of the benefactor of the show - the Soldiers' Sailors' and Airmens' Families Association (SSAFA).
Tornados on the line.
The two Pitts Specials of Team Toyota.
Various photos from the inside of the VIP tent at the show.
Wessex stands on the "other" runway as part of the static park.
Two shots of the mighty XH558, even then the only flying Vulcan in the world.