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The buildings at Church Fenton are virtually all classic 1930s pre-war expansion type buildings, giving it a look of times past. The buildings that are still used are kept in good condition, but the rest of the technical site, which is possibly to be sold off, is in a poor state and is largely overgrown.

These photos are from Paul Francis

Number 1 hangar, the first of the two C-Type hangars on base.
Number 2 hangar, the only T2 type hangar on base.
Number 3 hangar, the other C-Type hangar on the base.
Number 4 hangar (now demolished), which was a Bellman type and was for a long time used as the MT park.
The Astro Dome as seen in 1979, alongside 4 hangar. This was demolished in the early 80s.
The current control tower.
Entrance to the WW2 sector operations block (where fighters in the Church Fenton sector were controlled from). This was bulldozed 2 or 3 years ago.
The Officers' Mess, which was also bulldozed at around the same time as the sector operations block.
Interior of the main hall of the Officers' Mess.

These photos were all taken on a visit to the old technical site at Church Fenton, 13th November 2004. My thanks go to Sqn Ldr Pell and everyone at YUAS for allowing and organising my visit.

Ground training section
Ground Radio Servicing Section (GRSS).
Station med centre.
One of the airmen's accommodation blocks.
General view across the technical site, looking towards the old community centre (?).
Another accommodation block.
General view down one of the camp roads looking past an old WW2 air-raid shelter.
Sergeant's Mess. To the right of the main entrance was the bar, and to the left was the Ante room and dining room.
General view looking towards the Galaxy Club and old water tower.
Two views of the Airmen's mess.
The Galaxy Club, both outside and inside!
Annexe to the Sergeant's Mess.
The old SHQ building, now the main Yorkshire UAS building.
R.C. Church
MT Section and tyre bay.
The old water tower, present on virtually all pre-war expansion period airfields.

These photos John Brown

Two photos of the destruction of the Officer's Mess at Church Fenton, 1998