Graduation Parades Photo Gallery

This gallery covers the various graduation / passing out parades regularly held at Church Fenton as each course of trainee pilots graduated.

These photos are all courtesy of and Mick Britton taken at various times in the 1980s.

  5 Sqn Lightning, 1984 
  Jetstream, 1982 
  12 Sqn Buccaneers, 1990 
  Lightnings, 1982 
  4FTS Hawks on final approach to Runway 34, 1989 
  79(R) Sqn Hawk T1As, 1985 
A10s, early 80s 
  Belgian Air Force Mirage Vs, mid-80s 
  Buccaneer, 1983 
VC10, mid-80s 
  Vintage Pair, 1982 
  12 Sqn Buccaneer, 1989 
  Jaguars, 1983 
  Nimrod, 1988 
  Ligntning, 1984 
  JP5s, 1986 
  JP5s, 1989 
  JP5s, mid-80s 
  USAFE F-16s, June 1986 
  Tucanos, 1990 
  64(R) Sqn Phantom, mid-80s 
  Canberra, 231OCU, mid-80s 
  Canberra, 100 Sqn, late 80s 
  CFS Flypast, March 1984 
  Hawks, 1987 
  Phantom, 111 Sqn, early 80s 
  Tornado F3, 1988 
  Tornado GR1, mid-80s 
  USAF KC135, 1989