JEFTS Gallery

The Joint Elementary Flying Training School operated the Slingsby Firefly in the basic flying training role from RAF Church Fenton from mid-1998 until June 2003. The aircraft, which were operated by Babcock-HCS were, as you can see, brightly coloured!

The photos below are all thanks to Chris Chambers. Visit his website at

fentonfireflypan.jpg (48410 bytes) Fireflies on the line. 
fireflylandfenton.jpg (30071 bytes) A pic of a firefly just about to touch down on the main runway (06/24).
firely_parked_fenton.jpg (10766 bytes) A firefly parked up with the pilot carrying out what look to be pre-flight checks.
fenton firefly app 640.JPG (25841 bytes) Unidentified Firefly about to land on Runway 16
fenton spot firefly pan 640.jpg (46263 bytes) G-BUUE almost touching down on Runway 16
fenton spot firefly piano 640.jpg (88582 bytes) Student and instructor at the end of the runway in an unidentified Firefly.
firefly rear 1.jpg (33423 bytes) G-BWXA on finals
firefly rear app 2.jpg (39883 bytes) G-BWXU
firefly rear taxi.jpg (49555 bytes) G-BWXR
firefly taxi sun.jpg (66744 bytes)
firelfy app sel.jpg (38424 bytes)

Ian Herbert

Dscf0530.jpg (53012 bytes) Firefly G-BWXR taxiing to the end of runway 34 ready to take off

Pete Anderson, an ex-JEFTS instructor.

4-ship flypast over Church Fenton.
Nice line-up of 4 Church Fenton based Fireflies.

© Bob Rushton. Taken during the same flight as the two photos above from Pete Anderson, to mark the disbanding of the Church Fenton element of JEFTS, June 2003.

Above the clouds
Descending through a gap in the clouds, during recovery in to Church Fenton
In formation over what was RAF Acaster Malbis