A number of photos that don't fit in to any of the other photo page categories, but are still very much worthy of inclusion on the site...

These pictures are from Dave Butler, whose website "Rotate" is listed in the links page, or can be visited by clicking HERE. Dave Butler

dak01.jpg (10107 bytes) Two photos of the Battle Of Britain Memorial Flight's Dakota as it did circuits at Church Fenton in March 2001.
dak02.jpg (26545 bytes)

Ian Herbert

harrier 29 Mar 1992.jpg (49489 bytes) On the day of the airfield's closure in 1992, there was a small flying display from various RAF aircraft. Here can be seen a Harrier doing its stuff.
Dscf0528.JPG (31211 bytes) 642 VGS Glider landing.
Firefly G-BWXD landing on Rwy 34.
Tutor G-BYVV taxying to the threshold of Rwy 34.
Tutor G-BYXE turning sharply to line up with Rwy 34.

Bill Cundall

dac.jpg (30239 bytes) A DC3 and a ME 109 a Church Fenton during filming for a television program ["Airline", starring Roy Marsden, 1981]. We had film stars all over the place for a week or more. The camp was disguised beyond recognition, all the windows were taped up in SHQ and other buildings. It was very convincing and gave the feeling that we stepped back in time to the second World War.

The following 2 photos are from 32F Squadron ATC.

The 1966 summer camp squadron photo in front of the gate guardian Spitfire.
The 1989 summer camp squadron photo in front of a 7FTS Tucano, soon after the aircraft had been introduced into RAF service at Church Fenton.

This photo is from Barry Doswell.

A passing out parade taking place in one of the hangars at Church Fenton in 1968. Barry's father, far left of the line, was subsequently commissioned and went on to serve as a nav with 101 and 8 Squadrons, on Vulcans and Shackletons respectively.

This photo thanks to Ian Scales.

spit.jpg (17142 bytes) Unidentified spitfire at one of the airs displays. Early 80s.

These photos from Keith McKenzie, who was stationed at Church Fenton March 1971 - June 1973.

Chipmunk WG348 of the Primary Flying Squadron of 2FTS on the line, sometime in the early 70s. It was one of four squadron aircraft that was marked up with the station badge and used by the "Blue Chips" aerobatic team.
The first Scottish Aviation Bulldog delivered to the RAF

Terence Wilson

A painting of 19 Squadron's ops buildings at the front of 2 Hangar, circa 1957.

Steve Buckle

Various views of the BBMF Dakota ZA947, whilst it was grounded at Church Fenton with engine problems during 2001. As you can see it rather dwarfs the YUAS Tutors in the hangar!
Three views of a Tornado F3 that came in for a JEFTS graduation day in May 2003

Brian Davidson

Gnat F1 XK740, resident at Church Fenton with a maintenance unit, taken at some point in the 1960s

Eric Cromack

Two shots showing Vampires on the Church Fenton fire dump, 1968.

George Edwards BEM

A photo of the RAF Church Fenton station football team. George Edwards was captain of the team during his stay at Church Fenton as an RAF Fireman 1968 - 1970. This photo can be found in George's recently-released autobiography 'Out of the Blue - an Airman's tale', available via www.woodfieldpublishing.com .

This photo John Brown

A fantastic group photo of the PFS instructors standing ourside the hangar, 1971. Names (left to right) are: Gordon McMurray, George Foster, Jim Sewell, Ian Firth, Courtney Guest, Reggie Foster, Jim Burns, Chas Spooner, Ian MacAreavey, Tony Couchman, Geoff Rolfe, David Reason, Adrian Lambourne, John Brown, Alex Bannerman and Horace Gallop

  Tom Gill

Some photos of C-47 Dakota "Drag 'Em Oot" while it was undergoing a respray at Church Fenton in May 2006.

John Kenning

John Kenning sent me these photos of Church Fenton from the cockpit of a PA28 out of Sherburn

© Bob Rushton. Taken July/August 2007, when BBMF Spitfire Mk PRXIX PM631 diverted in to Church Fenton with a fuel leak. The aircraft arrived on 29th July, departing on 3rd August. Bringing in the pilot for the return flight to Coningsby was Chipmunk WG486, which is no stranger to Church Fenton having been based here in the 1960s.

PM631 in number 3 hangar
The cosy "office" of the Spitfire
Out on the line for engine runs
Spitfire and Chipmunk ready for departure
A photo that could have almost been taken 60 years ago

© Cliff Philips

A Tucano of 72 Squadron painted in a 90th Anniversary colour scheme. 72 Squadron was of course one of Church Fenton's first residents, returning in the 1950s, and now 72 Sqn aircraft fly at Church Fenton almost daily since they were re-formed in 2002 on the Tucano at Linton-on-Ouse (where this photo was taken) .