Yorkshire UAS / 9AEF

Until 2000, YUAS operated the military owned Scottish Aviation Bulldog, changing to the civilian owned Grob Tutor in August of that year.

These pictures are all thanks to Richard Shires, an air cadet who has been flying at Church Fenton a number of times. Richard Shires

10.jpg (41715 bytes) A shot looking down the wing of "Golf"
11.jpg (43098 bytes) A couple of Bulldogs lined up ready for the next sortie.
13.jpg (34281 bytes) Shot down the wing of a Bulldog looking out of the cockpit
2.jpg (43084 bytes) "Charlie" parked up between flights
3.jpg (39068 bytes) And again...
26.jpg (39123 bytes) Another shot down the wing of a Bulldog, showing all three hangars
4.jpg (42358 bytes) "Golf" parked up. Notice the YUAS Yorkshire Rose sticker above the RAF markings on the tail.
5.jpg (52916 bytes) Nice shot showing all the panel and controls
6.jpg (43643 bytes) The inside of number 3 hangar....quite a rare sight!!!
32.jpg (35811 bytes) Great shot looking down the runway, with the hangars to the right
7.jpg (35347 bytes) Bulldog taxiing out
9.jpg (35653 bytes) Bulldog about to taxy past the control tower

Below are some more great photos from Chris Chambers:www.chrischambersphotography.co.uk:

grob app rear1.jpg (35562 bytes) G-BYVV
tutor app nose 1.jpg (25810 bytes)
tutor app sel 1.jpg (31742 bytes)
tutor app sel 2 .jpg (45517 bytes)
tutor selc app 1.jpg (48440 bytes)

These photos are from Air Cadet Jamie Steele.

Following another Grob down onto Runway 24.
Looking across at G-BYXE.
The VT Aerospace buildings as seen from the cockpit.
JEFTS Firefly G-BWXR taxies past the YUAS line.
Another willing volunteer being strapped into their aircraft!
The control tower at CF.
Shot showing detail of the tail of G-BYXE, with the contractor's decals and the Yorkshire UAS crest.
Three Grobs lined up outside 3 Hangar.
The control tower as seen from the VT Aerospace buildings.

Steve Buckle

View of G-BYVV parked up inside 3 Hangar.
G-BYVY returning from a sortie.
Steve preparing for a flight.

These photos Ian Herbert

Two Tutors hold whilst a third crosses the runway threshold.
G-BYVX passes low over the camera on finals to runway 06.