Yorkshire UAS / 9AEF

Gallery 3

These photos are of Yorkshire UAS, 1971 and 1973. They were discovered on the Flickr website, many thanks to the copyright owner David for allowing me to use them.

About to 'test' the ejector seat test rig, 1971.
The results of pulling the black-and-yellow handle...
A Yorkshire UAS Chipmunk outside no. 4 Hangar, latterly used as the MT hangar. 1971
The Yorkshire UAS bar decorated for a squadron party, 1971.
The technical site at RAF Church Fenton, with the distinctive S-shaped pan. 1973
The AMQs and OMQs at Church Fenton, 1973.
The front cockpit of a Yorkshire UAS Chipmunk, 1973.
View from the Yorkshire UAS 'offices', with a YUAS Chipmunk on the line and a RNEFTS Bulldog taking off on Runway 06. 1973.
Being marshalled in after a flight. 1973.
Turning onto final for Runway 06. In the foreground can be seen all the 'temporary' buildings which during 7FTS days were Eng Wg HQ. 1973.
Approach to Runway 06, taken from the back seat of a Chipmunk. The instructor in the front was Flt Lt Stan Hodgkins, David's regular instructor. This Chipmunk was Flt Lt Hodgkins' "own" aircraft, which he had nicknamed 'Cynthia'. 1973.
Yorkshire UAS boss Sqn Ldr Mike Bishop in the front seat of a Chipmunk, on base leg to Runway 06 after an instrument training sortie. 1973.
Eggborough Power Station viewed from the air. 1973.
View from a Chipmunk waiting second in line to a RNEFTS Bulldog on the engine run-up area to the side of the threshold of Runway 06. 1973.
Two views of Yorkshire UAS Chipmunk WG321 'F' on the flightline. 1973.

Some photos from the Yorkshire UAS / 1 EFTS Families Day, 30 June 2006. All Nick Elbro

Head-on shot of the West Yorkshire Police helicopter
The airfield gets buzzed by two Hercules, early on in the day's proceedings
Close up of one of the Hercules
Unusual shot of Tucano T1 ZF406
Tornado F3 doing a fast wings-swept pass, with vortices appearing over the engine intakes

  Tom Gill

Two photos of number 1 hangar, taken from the threshold of runway 06
Looking across the pan from 1 Hangar to 3 Hangar
Tutor G-BYWV in 1 Hangar
Tutor G-BYWO outside 1 Hangar