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If you have ever served at RAF Church Fenton, then I would be only too pleased to hear from you. Also, if you would like to contact any other people who have served at CF, then I will gladly put your name and e-mail address on this page, to help you get in contact with them.

E-mail me via the contact page.

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Name Dates at Church Fenton
James Abbott 1941 - 1942
Paul Adey 1965 - 1966
Edwin Allan 1967 - 1979
William Arnold 1956 - 1958
Tony Atkin 1985 - 1988

Ralph Bayley

1986 - 1988
Bob Bertram 1963

Stephen Birtles

1986 - 1988
Ian Black 1974 - 1975
Dave Boyle 1980 - 1982
Jack Bradstock 1988/9 - 1992
Dennis Bray 1979 - 1982
John Brown 1969 - 1971
Alan Bruce 1971 - 1973
Brian Brumbill 1962 - 1964
Andy Byrne 1988 - 1990
Spencer Cawthorne 1958 - 1959
Irene Clark 1961 - 1962
Simon Clarke 1983 - 1988
Dennis Cothay 1954 - 1955
John Critchley 1970
Tim Dalby 1979 - 1984
John Day 1954 - 1956
Pauline Dent 1979 - 1984
Geoff Dickson 1986 - 1989
Mark Ding 1988 - 1991
Dave Ditchburn 1984 - 1987
Peter Drakeford 1968
Don Drew 1968 - 1970
Tony Drinkwater 1973 - 1975
Mick Drummond 1979 - 1981
George Edwards 1968 - 1970
Tony Ellis 1982 - 1991
Phil Featherstone 1979 - 1984
Dougie Ferguson 1979 - 1983
Mons Andrew Ford 1938 -1939, 1942
Richard Galloway 1983 - 1990
Paul Gamble 1986 - 1998
Max Garrety 1989
Arthur Grace 1941
Michael Green 1980 - 1983
Gary Groves 1983 - 1985
Dave Hancock 1979 - 1981
Laurence (Taff) Handscomb 1969 - 1971
Patrick Hanson 1982 - 1986
Paul Harding 1981 - 1986
Tom Hardy 1981 - 1984
Robert Harris 1955 - 1957
John Harrison 1969 - 1972, 1974 - 1975
Alan Hemingway 1951 - 1952
John Henry 1970 - 1971
Gary Hetherington 1986 - 1987
Stephen Higham 1981 - 1988
Ian Hogg 1979 - 1982
Michael Holloway

1967 - 1973, 1979 - 1983, 1986 - 1989

Alan Ireland

1972 - 1976
Jeff Jacobs 1947
Clay Jones 1964 - 1967
Geoff Jones 1979 - 1984
Tom Jump 1948 - 1950
Ted Kelly 1947 - 1948
Bill Kincaid 1979 - 1983

J T Kingsley

1964 - 1965
Eddie Klaja 1970 - 1971
Mark Laidler 1987 - 1988
John Lambeth 1991 - 1993
Evan Launder 1948 - 1949
Norman Lill 1986 - 1989
Paul Martin Late 1980s
James Mason 1960s and 1970s
Terry McAfee 1984, 1986 - 1990
Z McCarthy 1988 - 1990
Pat McGeough 1979 - 1982
Pete McGuirk 1974 - 1976
Kevin Meeson 1968 - 1971
Ian Moore 1986 - 1990
John Moran 1957 - 1959
Dan Mungin 1960 - 1962
John Kevin O'Leary Late 1960s
Derick Oakley 1957 - 1959
Arthur Page Unknown
Steve Pallas 1972 - 1974, 1979 - 1984
Derek Palmer 1955 - 1956
John Parker 1974 - 1975
Derrick Pawley 1949 - 1951
Cliff Phillips 1956 - 1959
James Pottage Approx 1962/1963
Terry Quinton 1962 - 1964
Dave Ragan 1965 - 1966
Tom Rainford 1975 - 1979, 1980s
John Ratel 1957 - 1959
John "Jack" Reid 1961 - 1963
Ray Richmond 1953 - 1956
Mike Roberts 1958 - 1959
Gary Rogers 1983 - 1989, 1990- 1991
Rose Ross 1959 - 1961
Ronald Russell Mid-1940s
Terry Salmon 1968 - 1971
Barry Seaton 1950 - 1952
Thomas Shepherd 1940 - 1944
Harry Smith 1986 - 1991
Ricky Spencer 1972 - 1974
Joe Sproat 1959
Ray Stanton-Linder 1955 - 1957
Paul Steele 1981 - 1988
Dave Stevenson 1971 - 1975
Ray Stokes 1966
Colin Sutherland 1960 - 1962
Edward Henry (Terry) Tank 1982 - 1989
Jon Thornton 1979 - 1982
Alan Townend 1980 - 1983
Colin Vernon 1957 - 1958
Clarisse Edwards (nee Wagstaff) 1948 - 1949
Terry Welsh 1979 - 1986
Alan Whitehead 1960
John Williams 1970 - 1973
Vinnie Williams 1979 - 1986
Terence Wilson 1956 - 1958
Ted Wright 1954 - 1955
Dave Young 1979 - 1983
Max Young 1950 - 1952
Steve Young 1979 - 1981
Bennie Zaccardelli 1968 - 1972

Ralph Bayley was the station photographer at Church Fenton from October 1986 to March 1988. To contact him click HERE

Dougie Ferguson served at Church Fenton from November 1979 until October 1983. He initially worked in Engineering Records, moving on to Flying Wing HQ, monitoring Aircraft, Engine and Student flying hours. To contact him click HERE

Terence Wilson was a Senior-aircraftsman with 19 Squadron from August 1956 - May 1958. He worked as a servicing data recorder for the Hawker Hunters the squadron was equipped with at the time. To contact him, click HERE

Terry Welsh was the station photographer at Church Fenton from its' re-opening in 1979 to October 1986. To contact him, click HERE

Dave Stevenson (ex SAC Stevenson) served at Church Fenton from 1971 to 1975 as a Ground Wireless Mechanic. He would like to be contacted by anyone who knew him during his time there. To contact him, click HERE

Derick Oakley (service no 4188655) served at Church Fenton from April 1957 to September 1959. He worked in the Orderly Room, looking after personnel records and issuing railway travel warrants amongst other things. To contact him, click HERE

Does anyone have any information regarding an American serviceman called Marco DiMarco? He was based at Church Fenton during 1953-55 and during that time met a girl called Elizabeth (Betty). Betty would very much like to make contact with him or his family. If you can help, please contact her via her friend Alana Shaw.

Dave Ditchburn was stationed at Church Fenton July 1984 (the day York Minster burned down!) to October 1987. He was an airframe mechanic who worked at both the Flight Line and Asf. To contact him, click HERE.

Edwina Kastner is looking for any relatives of her great uncle Henry (Harry) Vernon Worrall. Although not actually stationed at Church Fenton, he was a flight instructor at the Yorkshire Aero Club, at both nearby Sherburn-in-Elmet, and at Yeadon. Before this, Henry was a WW1 pilot. He was also a co-pilot with Sir Alan Cobham in Africa, and a test pilot for Avro during WW2. He returned to Australia in the 1950s, with a son and daughter. If anyone has any information on him, Edwina would love to hear from you. To e-mail her, please click HERE.

I am Bill Kincaid ex (CPL Aircraft tech/motor repair club ???) served at C/F from 1979 when the station was reactivated (Help! we had no bedding, not to mention tools, aircraft even tables or chairs) till '83 when I left the service. Would love to hear from anyone who was there then.

To contact Bill, click HERE

Gail Kilmartin's father James Abbott served with fighter command as part of the mobile operations unit room 2, 2nd tactical air force. He was at Church Fenton between 1941 and 1942. If anyone has any information about his time at CF, or knows anyone who would like to make contact with him, you can contact him via Gail by clicking HERE

Ricky Spencer was stationed at Church Fenton from 1972 - 1974 as a Stats Clerk. To contact him please click HERE. To read his memories of the station, please click HERE.

Alan Bruce was stationed at Church Fenton 1971 - 1973 as a SAC in the Fire Service. He is yet another person with very happy memories of the station. To contact him, please click HERE (work) or HERE (home).

Mons Andrew Ford was stationed at Church Fenton 1938 - 39, and again in 1942. Unfortunately he passed away in 2011, however his son Trevor would love to hear from anyone who remembers his father. Trevor can be contacted by clicking HERE. His memories of Church Fenton can be found HERE.

Alan Ireland served as a Flight Sergeant in Air Traffic Control between 1972 and August 1976. He'd love to hear from anyone who remembers him from his time there. To contact him via his son Gary, please click HERE.

Jeff Jacobs was posted to RAF Church Fenton in 1947 and worked in the Transport dept. There, his work covered refuelling aircraft to transporting officers to outside appointments. In just over five years in the RAF, Jeff says Church Fenton was his finest posting. Accommodation in brick built buildings was excellent. He has been resident in the USA for the last 37 years. To contact him, click HERE.

Max Young was stationed at Church Fenton for 18 months between August 1950 and February 1952. He was an SAC Fitter Armourer attached to the Station Armoury with connections to both Squadrons at that time, but worked mainly running the Station Armoury office with a civilian - Bert Wynyard (who lived in the village), a real character, who also ran the gun club for a long while. To contact Max, please click HERE.

Steve Young was stationed at Church Fenton from 1979 until his demob in 1981. He was an S.A.C. working on the Flight line, service no D8128854. He did a number of station liaison visits at local fetes and used to have competitions with the student aircrew as to who could strap into the display ejection seat the fastest. He also helped with the local air training corps as a volunteer instructor.

Steve also worked on the TV series 'AIRLINE' when the filming was done at CF. This was because of his association with the Shuttleworth collection and his volunteer work with them on vintage aeroplanes. Steve went on to form his own Airshow Company and spent 15 years looking after vintage aircraft. To contact him, please click HERE.

Harry Smith. I served at CF from 1986 until demob 1991. Married Theresa Edwards from the telephone exchange 1989. We now have 3 children are are very happy living in Warrington. I currently work for MyTravel Aircraft Engineering.

Best regards - Harry Smith.

To contact Harry, please click HERE.

Vicky Thompson (nee Mason) would like to hear from anyone who remembers her family from their time at Church Fenton in the 60s and 70s. Her dad, Sgt James Mason, was initially with the MT section, then Yorkshire UAS, and after retirement he worked in the guardroom, where he died on duty in 1976. Vicky's mother, Louise, was a chamber maid, and looked after the air training officers. If you would like to contact Vicky, please click HERE.

Stephen Birtles was OC SCAF at Church Fenton from September 1986 to February 1988. To contact him, please e-mail me in the first case (by clicking HERE) and I will pass your contact details to him.

John Ratel was posted to the station armoury in May 1957. He was a Halton "brat" (77th Entry), graduating on April 17th 1957. He was a Junior Technician (armourer), with service number RAF-589647. After a short while, he became groundcrew with 85 Squadron, working on Meteor 12s and 14s. When 85 was disbanded, he moved across to 72 Squadron, and stayed with them for the rest of his time at Church Fenton (during which time they re-equipped with the Javelin). Shortly after this, Church Fenton ceased to be a fighter base, and 72 moved across to RAF Leconfield, near Beverley. To contact him, please click HERE.

Flt J T Kingsley was Deputy Chief Ground Instructor 1964-65, during which time his boss was Sqn Ldr Les Francis. He became Chief Ground Instructor when the station started to wind down with the last Vampire course. After CF he went on to Valley and the Red Arrows in 1967-69. To contact him click HERE.

Jack Bradstock was the SNCO in charge of the Tucano Simulator. He had the honour of being the last serving airman to be living-in at Church Fenton. After the Sergeants' Mess had been closed, he was relocated us to the Officers' Mess. Jack was posted to CF specifically to receive into Service the first Tucano Simulator. The first of it's kind as it was built by Ferranti and used mostly PC technology.

In Jack's own words: "Church Fenton was, by far, my happiest posting in over 31 years, I was very sad to see it close". If you would like to contact him, please click HERE.

Paul Steele - I served at Church Fenton from Dec 81 until March 88. I worked on the Flight Line as Line Armourer and Station Armoury as I/C Small Arms anyone wishing to get in touch click HERE.

Cliff Philips began his service in the RAF at Church Fenton. He arrived between Christmas and New Years' Eve 1956, as a boy entrant after training as an Air Radar Mechanic at RAF Cosford. He served at Church Fenton until closure in 1959, when along with most of the rest of the unit, he moved on to RAF Leconfield. While at Church Fenton, Cliff served with both 72 and 85 Squadrons, as well as the Radio Servicing Flight. He would like to hear from anyone who remembers him from his time at Church Fenton - to get in touch, click HERE.

Arthur Grace's first posting, in May 1941, was RAF Church Fenton. He was an 18 year old AC1 (Engines) on 54 OTU (the first night-fighter training unit, operating Blenheims). He left Church Fenton in September 1941. To contact him, please click HERE.

Simon Clarke - Well the only person I recognised of the list was Harry Smith, commonly known as Harry the Bastard. I don't know why he got that name as he was a nice bloke.

Church Fenton was my first posting in the RAF. I was an Airframe Mechanic in 1983 when at the tender age of 17 I move to Church Fenton. I worked on the flight line, then in SSF in 3 shed for a while, then back onto the flight line. I left in 1988 and Headed off to RAF Guttersloh. These day's I Help Design Aircraft. In 1987 I married Mandy Dalton who used to work in the post room in SHQ. We are happily Divorced now but I do have two fine Children.

A few of the names from back then :-

Dusty Miller (sooty I think), Graham Thompson (my best man), Ron Burgess (Da do ron ron), Dave 'Ted' Hinchliffe, Chris (Air Traffic), Big Mick Hall, Little Mick Hall,

There are just so many faces and not enough names.

Please add my details on your website.

Many thanks. Also thank you for the trip down memmory lane.

Simon Clarke

To contact Simon, please click HERE.

Ian Hogg was stationed at Church Fenton from when the station was re-activated in 1979, until he was de-mobbed in November 1982. He worked in 1 shed as a Sgt Avionics Tech. To contact him click HERE.

William Arnold was stationed at Church Fenton from 1956 to early 1958. William worked in Tech Control in 1 hangar on aircraft mods, part of Tech Wing which carried out major servicings. To contact William, click HERE.

Michael Holloway - I served at RAF Church Fenton as follows: AS a Corporal in ATC 1967 to 1973; Flight Sergeant Air Traffic Controller 1979 to 1983 and 1986 to 1989. Was probably one of the longest serving member at the Unit and it is good to see a web site dedicated to it. To contact Michael, click HERE.

Geoff Jones - I was one of the first Riggers to re open CF in 1979 (Feb). Originally in the Rectification Flight as a Cpl and then in SSF as a Team Leader on promotion to Sgt. Had a great 5 years along with my partner in crime Iain Smith. Met some of the funniest people in the RAF in this hangar. Would like to hear from anyone who remembers. To contact Geoff click HERE.

Malcolm Sheperd's father Thomas Shepherd was involved in operating decoy fields in the Church Fenton area during the war. He was stationed here from April 1940 to April 1944, after being recalled from the reserves in 1939 at the age of almost 40. He had the rank of Flight Sergeant. Malcolm would love to hear from anyone who remembers his father or knows anything of his wartime service. To contact Malcolm click HERE.

Phil Featherstone was stationed at Church Fenton from 1979 - 1984, working on the flight line. To contact him, click HERE

Ray Richmond - I left Linton on Ouse to serve at church fenton as a corporal in Air Traffic the dates are somewhat ? but I believe I was there around 1953 to 1956 they still had Meteor 8s but were getting ready for the Hunters and for a time flew the Hunter T6, 609 was still going and we had great times at their HQ in Leeds at weekends.Other names I recall who worked in the tower were Jeff Fielding (my opposite watch cpl) Rex Everet(a Doncaster) lad Barry Newton who I still have as a friend rest of the staff are difficult to remember, but on the whole looking back they were good times. To contact Ray, click HERE

Joe Sproat - served in the station sick quarters in 1959 after being transferred from RAF Rufforth. To contact Joe, click HERE

John Critchley - Hi there, I was at CF for short time in early 1970. The chipmunks were doing their thing, but I was a trainee Nav and we did mathemtics, meteorology, ??, maybe something else, but no flying. I know at the time we all marvelled at the advisbility of putting a FTS in the middle of the biggest fog bank we had ever seen- it went on for weeks.
Thanks for the memories and feel free to add my name to the ex-seviceman's page. I would like to write to anyone involved with the Navigator programme! To contact John, click HERE.

Tom Jump was stationed Church Fenton from October 1948 to March 1950 as a Corporal Clerk Guard in the SHQ building dealing with 36's, 48's, including ration cards. Tom remembers well playing for both the station football and cricket teams and the sad day when all the WAAFS were moved out to Linton!! Names Tom can remember include:

Fred Wimbleton from Enfield
Peter "Boots" Hawkins from Fareham
Bill Jordan from Manchester
"Titch" Caulfield from nearby Selby

Tom's service number was 2401457. To contact him, click HERE.

Derrick Pawley was a Flt Mech Engines on DH Hornets of both 19 and 41 Squadrons, from 1948 - 1951. His first job was to be responsible for servicing one of the engines of 19 Squadron's one and only Mosquito amongst their fleet of Hornets. Derek played Hockey for the station, so says he must have visited every station in Yorkshire because of this. To contact Derrick, please click HERE

George Edwards was an RAF Fireman at RAF Church Fenton, 1968 - 1970. To contact him, please click HERE. To read George's memoirs of RAF Church Fenton, please see the "Memories" page. George's recently-released autobiography 'Out of the Blue - an Airman's tale', is available via www.woodfieldpublishing.com

Stephen Higham - I was stationed at CF from Oct 81 until Jul 88. When I left I believe I was the longest serving member of camp at that time. My best job ever. To contact Stephen, click HERE

James Pottage - James' son Kevin Pottage has contacted me asking if anyone remembers, or has any photos of, his father. James served as a fireman at Church Fenton around 1962/1963, and later Catterick. If anyone has any memories of James, please contact his son Kevin, by clicking HERE.

Michael Green was stationed at Church Fenton 1980 - 1983, to contact him click HERE.

Bennie Zaccardelli served in the fire department 1968 - 1972, and lived in the married quarters in Acomb, York. To contact Bennie, please click HERE.

John Brown was a QFI on the Primary Flying Squadron (PFS) at Church Fenton 1969 - 1971. To contact John, please click HERE.

Clarisse Edwards (nee Wagstaff) was a member of the W.R.A.F. at Church Fenton from 1948 - 1949, and worked in the pay accounts section. To contact Clarisse, please click HERE.

Pat McGeough was a Sgt. Propulsion technician at Church Fenton from its re-activation in 1979 until 1982. He lived in Brockley Close in the village. To contact Pat, please click HERE.

Evan Launder was an engine mechanic on the DH Hornets of 41 Squadron, from mid-1948 to 1949. To contact Evan, click HERE.

Ted Wright was a Corporal armourer in the station armoury 1954 - 1955. He serviced the 20mm cannons of the Meteor day fighters of 19 & 72 Squadrons. To contact Ted, please click HERE

Dave Young served at Church Fenton 1979 - 1983 on the flight line and in rects. Names he remembers include Pete Ramsden, Vinnie Williams, Mick White, Neil White, Paul Neal, Phil Featherstone, Bob Hanley and more. To contact Dave, please click HERE

LAC Mike Roberts was in Air Traffic Comms and Ops Block commcen at Church Fenton from April 1958 to July 1959. To contact Mike, please click HERE

John Williams: "I was stationed at Church Fenton from 1970 - 1973 in Supply Squadron, mostly in POL, then R&D and finally in SCAF (Cut off from the outside world). I played Rugby for the Station and Rugby League at the weekends as I originate from Featherstone, not too far from C.F. I used to run the bar for the Rugby Club, very handy as it was at the side of Stores. Many happy times were had at Church Fenton". To contact John, click HERE.

Paul Harding was a fireman at Church Fenton from 1981 until 1986. To contact Paul, please click HERE.

John Day -"I did my National Service at CF 1953-1955, most of the time as a refueller tanker driver, but also with a period in ATC. Our unit CO in ATC was Flt.Lt. Ching. We had a great sergeant in M/T. I don't remember his second name; we just called him "Sgt.Bill". Our station CO at one period was a Maori group captain who was a WW2 hero. A pal, John Beecroft, had a new MG and we used to go pub-hopping around Yorkshire on sports afternoons. We would take swimming trunks and towels to support our story that we were going swimming. It was a good time, many years ago."

To contact John, please click HERE.

Norman Lill served at Church Fenton from 1986 until 1989. To contact Norman please click HERE

Tim Dalby served in Ground Radio at Church Fenton from 1979 - 1984. To contact Tim, please click HERE.

Colin Sutherland did his national service as a turner in the station workshops with 60MU, 1960 - 1962. To contact Colin, click HERE.

Tony Drinkwater served at Church Fenton between September 1973 and 1975. To contact Tony, click HERE.

Brian Brumbill served with 112 Squadron from 1962 - 1964 and lived at Church Fenton. To contact Brian, click HERE.

John Harrison served at Church Fenton 1969 - 1972, and 1974 - 1975 and worked in the Aviation Medical Centre and Station Medical Centre. To contact John, click HERE.

Max Garrety was a student on number 38 course of 7FTS, January - September 1989. He then also organised the 1991 air display. To contact Max, please click HERE.

Kevin Meeson - in his own words: "hi water babys smiler ere this is my no 3 sons file please use i was at fenton from 68/71 i came from masirah had 3good years their on looking back on life i was only a fool to leave as george edwards says it was good the sad times was when we lost 3 pilots 2 from leaming and 1 from fenton com dunbar dompsey royal navy i  was proud to have done my job that day tho  it was not vert nice to see but the training we had did come thru god blrss all firefighters in this world". To contact Kevin, please click HERE.

Mick Drummond - Served 1979 to 1981 on the Line as a CPl.  Great freiends with Steve Leslie, knew lots of lads and lasses from that time. MY HOUSE WAS REGULARLY "tACeVALLED" on Friday evenings. To contact Mick, please click HERE.

Tony Atkin ("Guppy") - Served at CF from 1985-88 in station workshps. Great three years. I played station football and for the stackers team on sundays in the local league. I completed 15 years in the RAF but CF was my first posting and will always have a place in my heart. So sad to see the photos as it is now. I think I spotted my room in the acc. block photos. Spent a lot of time in the Flyer the landlord was called Dave great bloke. To contact Tony, click HERE.

Gary Groves was a fireman at Church Fenton from 1983 - 1985. To contact Gary, please click HERE.

Eddie Klaja arrived at Church Fenton in January 1970, leaving in late 1971. To contact him, please click HERE.

Terry Quinton was a J/T in the MT section at Church Fenton, 1962 - 1964. To contact Terry, please click HERE.

Gary Rogers was at Church Fenton from 1983 - 1989 as an SAC on the flight line, leaving the RAF in 1989. He then came back to Church Fenton in 1990 working on the flight line for Airwork, before leaving in 1991. To contact Gary, please click HERE.

Robert Harris: I was at Church Fenton from May 1955 to Feb 1957. I was known as Bob Harris and served as an SAC radio mechanic on 19 squadron. I would be pleased to hear from anyone who was there at that time. To contact Robert, please click HERE.

Paul Gamble: MTD, 1986-88. Posted to RAF Hullavington {Balloon Ops Sqn}. I took over from Tim as station DJ and had a whale of a time. Wish I could
have stayed at CF for a while longer. Hi to all who remember me. To contact Paul, please click HERE.

Clay Jones: Trained at CF on Leeds UAS 1964-67. While Engineering Undergrad / Postgrad. Then BOAC VC10/BA Boeing 737 skipper. Seek partners in new enterprise. Clay Jones. To contact Clay, please click HERE.

Ian Moore: I served at Church Fenton 1986-1990 on the flight line. I often went by the nickname "Chirpy". To contact Ian, please click HERE.

Ted Kelly: I was a Flight Mechanic Engines on DH Hornets of 19 Squadron in 1947 -1948 at C.F. when we were the fastest prop jobs going, or were we? To contact Ted, please click HERE.

John Kevin O'Leary was stationed at Church Fenton from 1967 in the ground electrical section. Unfortunately he passed away in August 2008, however I am sure his friend Patrick McCarthy would be very pleased to hear from you if you also knew John. To contact Patrick, please click HERE.

Mark Ding: "I served at Church Fenton, my first posting after training as an engine mechanic, on the line at 7FTS from 1988 to 1991. I loved the JP. I have seen the photos of the condition the base is in now, heartbreaking". To contact Mark, please click HERE.

Pauline Dent: "Love your web site, I was in the WRAF at Church Fenton for 5 years, from Jan 1979 to 1984 I was one of the first WRAF posted into Church Fenton when it re-opened, we had to travel from Linton every day and back at the night because there was no WRAF accomadation at that time". To contact Pauline, please click HERE.

Arthur Page - stationed at Church Fenton, as a J/T Air Radar. Service number 3143405. To contact Arthur, please click HERE.

Dave Ragan worked at Church Fenton as an MT driver in 1965/66. To contact Dave, please click HERE.

Spencer Cawthorne (service number 4237276) was posted to CF in June/July 1958 and worked as an MT driver on 72 Sqn. He moved to Leconfield along with 72Sqn when CF ceased being a fighter station in mid-1959. To contact Spencer, please click HERE.

Cpl Dennis Cothay served as an RAF Police Dog Handler at Church Fenton from 1954 to 1955. To contact Dennis, please click HERE.

Dave Hancock was a Flight Line Mechanic at Church Fenton from 1979 to 1981. To contact Dave, please click HERE.

John "Jack" Reid was a vehicle mechanic with 60MU at Church Fenton from 1961 - 1963. To contact John please click HERE

Derek Palmer was an Engine Fitter (Turbines) on Meteor 8s at Church Fenton with 19 Squadron from 1955 to 1956. To contact Derek, please click HERE

SACW Rose Ross (now Laggan) was a shorthand typist with No 2 RAF Police District from 1959 to 1961. To contact Rose, please click HERE.

Irene Clark (now Jeffries) served at CF 1961 - 1962. To contact her please click HERE

Colin Vernon- "I served at RAF Church Fenton 1957-1958. Happy days with a great bunch of guys. Service number 5012431. Now fifty years later it is still good reminiscing about National Service days. I was Leading Aircraftsman in Radar Section. Dave Pickard was one guy sharing the same dorm as me. Flight Lieutenant Shepard was a Pilot stationed at Fenton at that time. Faces I remember, but these days it is hard remembering names!
Now married 50years and have lived in Australia 39 years, emigrating 1971. Retired after 27years Leading Hand Maintenance Fitter at the Steelworks, keep active in retirement, serving on Committees of many service groups. Anyone wish to make contact, would love to hear from them. Regards to all Colin."

To contact Colin, please click HERE

John "Jack" Moran - "I served on 72sqd 1957-1959 the photo of 7guys on a tractor at Leconfield includes Neil Lunt with the milk bottle and I think Mick Wishart at the front". To contact John, please click HERE

Barry Seaton served at Church Fenton as an SAC RT VHF DF Operator from 1950 - 1952. A photo of him at Church Fenton in 1950 can be seen below. To contact Barry, please click HERE.

Ray Stanton-Linder was a 19 Sqn rigger on Meteors and Hunters at Church Fenton from January 1955 - July 1957. To contact Ray, please click HERE

Don Drew - "'Hello I served at Church Fenton late 68- 1970 in the catering section, although I was trying unsuccessfully to remuster into the ground electrical section. I was also a budding DJ on RCF the station Radio situated just behind the Naafi, I was the only DJ who dared to play the entire Woodstock album in one evening. I played cricket for the station. I was posted from there to West Drayton. To contact Don, please click HERE.

Terry Salmon served at Fenton from 68 - 71 as a Jnr Tech Aircraft Fitter (Electrical) first in ASF and then with YUAS. To contact Terry, please click HERE.

Laurence (Taff) Handscomb - "'Hi. i was posted to CF in about Dec 1969 from the wilds of Belgium [Tongeren]. Had a great couple of years working on catering squadron [No 2 Officers Mess] saw a few names on your list, one that stuck out was Don Drew we were in the same room in the block back of the airmen's mess. Left CF in 1971 posted to Brize Norton 10 Sqn [coffee jockey] I went on to do 22 years service followed by 20 years with BMW now happily retired living in Oxfordshire. To contact Laurence, please click HERE.

Dennis Bray - "Served at Church Fenton from 1979 till de-mob in 1982. Was a corporal in the airmans mess at first, then cpl nco i/c sergeants mess kitchen. Good friends were Bill Cosgrove, Eddie Bennett and Bob Hiles. Would love to get back in touch with Lana Murphy, worked in PBX and came from Liverpool." To contact Dennis, please click HERE.

Tom Rainford - "Hi I served at CF in the fire section from 1975 to 1979 the Station was closed during this and we traveled every day from Linton-on-Ouse to cover circuit and bumps. I returned to CF again in the 1980s and lived at Acomb". To contact Tom, please click HERE.

Geoff Dickson - I was a Fg Off/Flt Lt in the tower from 1986 - 89. I don't recognise too many names on the list, only Steve Birtles (fellow liver-in), Mike Holloway (fellow controller) and Harry Smith (fellow Mackem with whom I used to regularly go to the match). I was heavily involved in station life as editor of the Fenton Flyer (station mag), Theatre club member and manager of the football team. Best tour of my almost 30 years in the mob. To contact Geoff, please click HERE.

Z (Zerina) McCarthy - "Hi, Pers Admin served in General Office at Church Fenton, March 1988 to Feb 1990. Fantastic posting, however cut short curtesy of the fire section!". To contact Z, please click HERE

Alan Townend - I served at c/f on the flight line from 1980-1983 with the likes of phil(rock-a-billy)bailey,bob hanley,vinnie(the Boxer)willliams,dave young,ann ramage and dave hancock but to name a few, i got myself an exchange posting to Binbrook in 83 but still missed the boys on the line at Fenton for a long time, well anyway it would be nice to hear from any of you out there. To contact Alan, please click HERE.

John Lambeth - "Hi, i served at CF from May 1991 to April 1992, and then on "day release" from Linton to CF when it was an ERLG 1992-1993, afterwich i was posoted to Gibraltar. I was an SAC in Air Traffic when at CF. demobbed 1997, now working with Civil Helicopters. Have fond memories of the october fest, Jet Provosts and Tucanos, and flying on the early morning Weather ship!! Loved the base, great vibe, great bunch of folks when i was there.....it was my first posting, and a good intro to forces life". To contact John, please click HERE

Alan Hemingway - "Served part of my National Service at Church Fenton in 1951-52. Was a GCA Radar Mechanic. 19 and 609 Squadrons were flying then. Seem to remember they flew Meteor 10 and NF11, but may be wrong as I cannot find any reference to this on Google. To contact Alan, please click HERE

Dave Boyle - "I served at Church Fenton from March 1980 - September 1982 I was a Gen Tech (E) Ground Electrician, I also ran the station disco, I was posted to RAF Gibraltar in 1982 and left the RAF in 1986 to join the British Forces Broadcasting Service". To contact Dave, please click HERE

Edward Henry (Terry) Tank was stationed at Church Fenton in the telecommunications squadron from 25 May 1982 - 15 December 1989. Unfortunately he passed away in 2005, however his son Mark would love to hear from anyone who knew Terry. To contact Mark, please click HERE

Bob Bertram - "Arrived at CF in 1963, my first posting after boy entrant training. Teleg working in Comcen which was outside the camp gates on the road down to the village." To contact Bob, please click HERE

Andy Byrne - "I served at RAF Church Fenton from March 1988 to July 1990 as the Stn Education and Training Officer. One of the best tours of my RAF career. I retired from the RAF in 2010". To contact Andy, please click HERE

Paul Adey - "Hello, I was stationed at Church Fenton in 1965/6 and I was part of the crew that assembled and erected the arrestor barriers at the end of the main runway. I wonder if they are still there. Regards Paul". To contact Paul, please click HERE

Patrick Hanson - "1982-86 Technician in GEF/MT/Battery room. Many happy memories from CF and the area. Great football memories. Married for 28 years to Sue, have a lovely teenage daughter. Live in Sunderland. Just a few people from the past: Tom Hardy, Mick White, Paddy Hamilton, Chris Hendicks, Vinnie, Derek Wells, Dougie Ferguson, Dave Jennings, Phil Pitham, Geardie Marshall....so many more". To contact Patrick, please click HERE.

Paul Martin - "Served at Church Fenton as OC PSF late 1980s, a great tour having just spent 3 years in North Scotland!! Fond memories indeed, recognise the likes of Geoff Dixon and remember 'starring' in one of his Theatre productions, 'Wild Goose Chase' I think it was? Also featured Trish Trickas as the leading lady and many others whose names escape me. Many happy nights spent in York with Blair Jamieson (OC GD Flt) and Andy Streeton (ATC) - we ended up sharing a house together in South Milford. I live only a few miles away now and it is such a shame to see demise. To contact Paul, please click HERE.

Ronald Russell - "Delighted to find your website! Church Fenton was my last posting - I was a redundant navigator and for a few months I was filter officer in the control room until being demobbed I can't recall the exact date but a few weeks beforehand Stanford Tuck led about 6 jets to CF - the first anyone at CF had seen. They landed for a couple of hours for refuelling. I had a spaniel and fate decreed that Stanford Tuck had his ferocious liitle dog with him - they fought ferociously, attracting an audience of all ranks, but were parted before too much damage was done. I had - by the luck of the draw - a quiet - even peaceful - war, much of it in South Africa being trained - and waiting for a ship to bring us back, With all good wishes....Russ". To contact Ronald, please click HERE.

Richard Galloway - "I was an MoD Civil Servant at CF from 1983 - 1990 when I left and went to work at Linton on Ouse. Fenton, was a warm and friendly station and was my introduction to 28 mainly happy years working with the RAF. I recognise one or two of the names on your list - Zerina, Steve Birtles, Paul Martin to name a few. I spent my last 6 years at Fenton in NONPAS where I issued out the Officers Mess bills, I worked closely with Ray Briars, Phil Grieve, Jane Benfield, Tom Kehoe and many more too numerous to mention. Sad to see Fenton close - a sad loss to the local community and to the RAF. Anyone remember me, then feel free to contact me". To contact Richard, please click HERE.

Peter Drakeford served in the Commcen in 1968. To contact Peter, please click HERE.

John Parker - "I spent about 18 months there in 1974/75 flying traing with 1 Sqn 1 FTS. We flew JP 3A's and 5a's. We were no 1 course, No 1 Sqn, no 1 FTS were all through jet training. I left at the end of 75 and spent the next 21 years overseas". To contact John, please click HERE.

Alan Whitehead - "Transferred to CF when Rufforth closed, was on the MU. Demobbed in Nov 1960. 4177107 SAC Alan Whitehead Engine Mech". To contact Alan, please click HERE.

Tony Ellis - "Hi I served at Fenton between 1982 and 1991. A Tech E. Worked in Rects, SSF and the Flight Line. Was also the Galaxy Club DJ between 1984 and 1989. Please add me! Thank You!". To contact Tony, please click HERE

Vinnie Williams - "Was shocked to stumble across this! I served at Church Fenton from 1979 to 1986 as a crappy flight line mechanic.... So many names on here that i remember..". To contact Vinnie, please click HERE

Terry McAfee - "Posted to Church Fenton early April 1984 from Waddington, after the Vulcan was removed from active Service. I remember the shock seeing 24 plus aircraft sat on the line after being so used to working on maybe 5 aircraft a day on a Vulcan Squadron. The first person I met at Fenton was 'Thudnut' at the Guardroom, not a great start! I was on the Line as a FLM until July 84, then went off to Halton on my Fitters Course I returned as a JT in March 86 and was employed in Rects Flight, where I stayed until 1990 when Airworks took over and I was posted to RAF Leuchars. I enjoyed my time at Church Fenton where I met some great people, many of which I am still in touch with. When I see photos of the station in a poor state it makes me feel quite sad, not sure why, maybe its because of all the happy memories in those buildings. I don't understand why they have to pull these places down. Surley a building like the Officers mess could have been turned into a hotel/restaurant, but probably cost way too much". To contact Terry, please click HERE.

Pete McGuirk - "I was at Church Fenton from Sep 74 to Mar 76 when it closed the first time around. Please add me to your list in case anyone wishes to contact me. Thanks Pete." To contact Pete, please click HERE

Mark Laidler - "Served from 1987 until 1988 until it was taken over by civvy company, worked in MT section as MTD was a great place with great people, was very sad to leave." To contact Mark, please click HERE

John Henry served as a firefighter at Church Fenton from 1970 - 1971. To contact John, please click HERE.

Edwin Allan - Chf Tech Edwin Allan's daughter Vivienne would like to hear from anyone who remembers her father. He was in the MT section at Church Fenton, 1967 - 1979. To contact Vivienne, please click HERE.

John Thornton - served in SSF for three years 1979 - 1982 then moved on to the line as a Cpl. Moved on to 202 Sqn SAR in 1983. Left mob in 1994 and straight out to the Middle East to earn lots of dosh, where I still am. If anybody is interested...Martin Hesketh is with me here in Saudi Arabia. Dave Hancock...Diane would like to hear from you!

Update June 2018 - I have recently been informed by his daughter that sadly John passed away in 2017.

Dan Mungin - I was based at Church Fenton from October 1960 to March 1962, I was an SAC attached to 60MU and was a technical typist. I was doing my National Service and also had a 6 week spell in Aden, Steamer Point prior to transfer with the unit to Dishforth in March 1962. I was demobbed in May 1962. During my time at Fenton I was involved with the local radio station. To contact Dan, please click HERE.

Tom Hardy - Hi, I served at Church Fenton from 1981 until 1984 worked on the Flt Line and played football for the Station, remember Terry Mac, Mick White and Bob Hanley, great times at Church Fenton, look forward to hearing from some old friends. To contact Tom, please click HERE.

Stephen Pallas - served at Church Fenton twice, from 1972 - 1974 and again 1979 - 1984. To contact Stephen, please click HERE.

Raymond Stokes - "I served at Church Fenton 8th June 1966 - 30th September 1966 on the last six flying Vampires before being moved up to RAF Leeming prior to going on my fitters course". To contact Ray, please click HERE

Gary Hetherington - served as an RAF Medical Assistant at Church Fenton 1986 - 1987. To contact Gary, please click HERE

Ian Black - Hi, I was at CF from May 1974 to March 1975, LAC Clerk Stats. I met a NAAFI girl called Laura, (we married in 1976, and are still together today). I remember learning to drive with SACs Andy Nield and Caz Lowry in my clapped out Vauxhall Viva. (I had a full career, ending up as a WO Intelligence Analyst (Voice) leaving in 2011. To contact Ian, please click HERE.

http://www.forcesreunited.org.uk - great website for getting in touch with your old friends.

http://www.modreunited.com - another great website for contacting old comrades.

http://www.rafinfo.org.uk - good site if you are after info regarding squadron/unit associations. Also good if you need info about other (current and ex-) RAF stations.

http://www.oldoppos.co.uk - another website for contacting your old service friends, with over 3000 members as of March 2003.

http://www.worldwar2exraf.co.uk - new site specifically designed to re-unite World War 2 RAF personnel, both Aircrew and Groundcrew.

http://www.servicepals.com - largest of the reunion type websites for ex-forces personnel and has links with the Royal British Legion.