Church Fenton 1955 Battle of Britain display

The following data thanks to Brian Davidson. It is not an exhaustive list, just pencil notes that he scribbled down on the day (no cameras were allowed past the main gate at the time).
Aircraft Serial Comments
Meteor N.F.11 WD609  
Meteor N.F.14 WS809  264 Sqn
Hunter F4 WT759 111 Sqn
Sabre F4 XD766 92 Sqn
Sunderland DP200 not a static exhibit!
Hastings WJ330  
Beverley WZ889  
Canberra B2 WJ627  
Lincoln B2 RE360  
Sycamore XG508  
Slingsby Glider WB935  
Anson PH759  
Balliol T2 WN506  
Provost WV548  
Gemini1A G-AKEM  
Dragon Rapide G-AIBB  
Spitfire 14 G-ALGT Rolls Royce