Church Fenton 1956/57

The following programme is for either the 1956 or 1957 Battle Of Britain "At Home" Day. Both years would have been very similar. Rather impressive, I think you'll agree!

Vampire Aerobatics
Provost Aerobatics
Height Judging Competition
Meteor Aerbatics
Sunderland Flypast
Meteor Formation Take Off
Meteor Formation Flypast
Vulcan Flypast
Hunter Flypast
Meteor 14 Aerobatics
Meteor Formation Flypast
American B.45 Flypast
Comet Flypast
Parachute Drop
Hunter Aerobatics
American F84F Formation Flypast
Canberra Formation Flypast
Venom Aerobatic Team
Glider Launch and Demonstration
Meteor Formation Flypast
Meteors demonstrate use of Flag Target
Set Piece Attack - Meteors and Paratroops attack a Native Village
Neptune Flypast