Church Fenton 1972

The 1972 show took place on 29th May 1972. To see a scan of the original flying programme (thanks to Geoff Carter) click HERE.

Item Comment / Details
Vulcan XH554. RAF Scampton
Britannia XN404. RAF Brize Norton. Photo HERE
Varsity WJ910. RAF Finningley.
Wessex RNAS Culdrose
Belfast RAF Brize Norton
The Blue Chips Chipmunk display team, based at Church Fenton
Lancaster RAF Waddington
Beagle 206 (x4) Northair Aviation
Sioux & Scout helicopters, and Beaver aircraft Army, based at RAF Topcliffe
Cessna 150s (x3) Yorkshire Flying Services
Lightning XM180. RAF Honington
International Parachuting All-stars
F4 Phantom (x4) USAF, Bentwaters
Jet Provost RAF Leeming
Cessna aircraft Midland Aviation
Sea King RNAS Culdrose
Nimrod XV238. RAF Kinloss
The Poachers Another Jet Provost display team, this one based at RAF College, Cranwell
Currie Wot "aerial limbo act", flown by Mr. L. W. Richardson
Three American Aviation Company aircraft Presented by General Aviation Sales Ltd.
Hunter XG574. RAF Fairford. Photo HERE
Dominie XS713. RAF Finningley. Photo HERE
Gemini aerobatic team. G-AXZL, G-AZIY, G-AZLK, G-AVGM. Synchronised aerobatic team from RAF Leeming.