Church Fenton 1986

Held on Sunday 8th June 1986. The programme this year was 45 pages Again, it cost 1. To see a scan of the original flying programme (thanks to Geoff Carter) click HERE.

Name Comment
1) RAF Harrier VTOL Demonstration
2) Belgian AF F-16 Demonstration
3) Royal Navy "Sharks" Helicopter Display Team
4) RNHF Sea Fury and Sea Hawk Only Sea Fury T.20 appeared
5) Tiger Club Turbulent Team God knows.....
6) Rolls-Royce Spitfire
7) Marlboro Aerobatic Team
8) Royal Navy Lynx Helpcopter display
9) Stephens Akro Aerobatics Bob Mitchell
10) Army Air Corps "Eagles" Helicopter Display Team
11) "The Ultimate Pitts" Replaced by a different Pitts
12) Royal Navy & Royal Marines Commando Display Team
13) British Midland Viscount flypast
14) Kronenbourg 1664 Free-Fall Team Royal Marines
15) Royal Navy Sea Harrier VTOL Demo
16) Royal Navy Jetstream Demo did not appear
17) Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Only Hurricane and Spitfire appeared
18) Ryan PT22 trainer JF Farley OBE, AFC
19) Unipart Aerobatic Team 2 x Fournier RF4
20) RAF Tornado Demo GR1
21) RAF Jet Provost Aerobatics
22) RAF Gazelle Demonstration
23) RAF Hawk Aerobatics
24) Royal Navy Sea King A.E.W. Helicopter
25) The Tiger Club
26) The Red Arrows RAF Scampton

The static display in 1986 was, according to the programme, as follows:

           'From the RAF; Jetstream, Tornado, Dominie, Buccanneer, Bulldog, Jaguar,

             Jet Provost and Jaguar

             West German Air Force; C-160 Transall, Alpha Jet and F-4 Phantom

             United States Air Force; possibly A-10, F-15 and F-16

             Royal Danish Air Force; F-16

             Royal Navy; Sea King Mk.IV

             There will also be a selection of visiting light aircraft in the static


I don't know how accurate this list is compared to what actually appeared, although it is likely that more than is listed here arrived...