History of RAF Church Fenton

If you want a detailed history of RAF Church Fenton, then try to get a copy of "Fighting Church Fenton", by P.D. Mason. The author, Peter Mason, put a great effort into writing the book, and if you're interested in the base it is more than worth a read.

The pages below give a chronological look at Church Fenton through the years

History 1: The pre-war period 

Reasons for Church Fenton's construction, first aircraft



History 2: World War 2 

Varied roles - defensive, offensive, night-fighter training



History 3: 1945 - 1959 

Front line air-defence station



History 4: 1959 - 2013 

Many and varied training units present until final departure by the RAF

History 5: 2014 - present Sale by tender and plans to re-open as civilian airfield

Please note that the history pages will be updated on an ongoing basis, as and when time allows.

For many years, the base was home to an annual air display (see "air display" page), an event which attracted crowds from all over Yorkshire, and really put Church Fenton on the map. This event unfortunately ended in 1994. There are many photos of the show in the "photo gallery" pages of the site.