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keith allsopp (keithallsopp@hotmail.co.uk)
Date:Mon 10 Mar 2014 00:46:22 GMT
  What a disgusting way to treat the place where thousands of ex airmen spent their lives, cant believe the organisation of a closing parade was left to a handful of hooray henry,s to organise. Deep, deep shame on them
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Oliver Wallace (enquiries@wallaceairpark.co.uk)
Date:Tue 14 Jan 2014 11:13:36 GMT
Subject:Future of Church Fenton
 Firstly, congratulations Ian on a wonderful website. I have been watching with some interest as to the status of Church Fenton ever since the announcement in the Defence Estate Rationalisation that it would be closing. It seems like a wonderful airfield and although I've never visited, I do plan to along with my business partners with the view to keeping this running as a General Aviation airfield. Like most others, I am horrified at the closure after closure of good quality airfields to make way for housing and I am looking to create a middle ground with a Residential Airpark with a very limited number of houses (no more than the current number of buildings on the site) as well as making the Airfield into a very GA friendly place. Everytime I hear of an Airfield closing down to flying it makes me so sad and I just hope that whatever happens, the future of this Airfield will be one that keeps people flying.
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Terry Pawson (terrypawson@yahoo.co.uk)
Date:Wed 04 Dec 2013 18:04:40 GMT
Subject:Future after 1st of January 2014
 I too am very sad to see the demise of another RAF airfield, I can only hope it doesn't turn out to be the scrapping of the airfield as a whole. My question is will it be able to be used by civil aviators flying GA , microlight etc
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Mark Stratford (mstratfo@yahoo.com)
Date:Sun 03 Nov 2013 16:58:01 GMT
Subject:CF Closing
 Very sorry to hear of CF's closing. My dad (John Stratford) was stationed at CF in the early 70's as PTI prior to his retirement. Very fond memories of riding the train from Leeds, Spitfire at the gate, many airshows and the freedom to walk the grounds at will. My Dad was always fond of the officers mess rose garden and is currently living in Portsmouth. I immigrated to the U.S. many years ago. Time marches onward. "With Speed to the Mark," Mark
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John Thompson (@john.thompson33@ntlworld.com)
Date:Wed 03 Apr 2013 22:33:41 BST
Subject:1951 odd memories
 1st experience of VHF direction finding in the "homer" on shift. I had my 1st view of a Canberra over flying Church Fenton. My !st Battle of Britain day, and saw the Lancaster and Spifire flying. I particularly remember the Spitfire being flown upside down along most of the runway at what semed something less than 50 feet above the runway. One day whilst waiting by the control tower for the Landrover transport out to the homer at lunchtime, there was a Meteor crash in the fog which destoyed the Landrover and a caravan which housed the sergeants who operated the green lights for undercarriage up or down status for landing aircraft I believe that the Landrover driver and one of the sergeants who was putting out the parafin goosenecks,were killed thet sad day. I then was transferred to RAF Leuchars. I was 18 years old at the time. I am now 80 years old, but only in body (which isn`t in too bad a shape) I did manage to get a trip in a meteor fighter at Church Fenton,very memorable for someone who had been a kid during WW2 and having Battle of Britain heroes and model aeroplanes to make and dream about.
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